November Newsletter


Words from President

Dear Naginata Friends,

I am really happy when we meet again for a nice international event such as the ENF seminar we just had in Rotterdam. This time, as each time,  I have met new passionate people,  and it brings more and more energy to my practice of Naginata. I receive advice from wise sensei and find a moment for a good laugh with friends. I hope you all had such excellent experiences as well.

This time I had a chance to discuss longer with our friends from Finland that I didn’t had so much chance to talk with before. Unfortunately I didn’t had a chance to practice with them, but that will be for 2018.

Congratulations for all the people who succeed their grading, it is always a little stress for all of us.

Technical Tips


“In numerous martial arts, the command mokuso(黙想) is used to get students to clear their minds before training. Many many people (often very high level people) think that this literally means close your eyes. Nevertheless, analysis of the two kanji involved will clearly show that the translation is more like “silent contemplation”.” (ref: )

Mokuso, as you all know, is a moment in martial art to clear your mind before and after training.

I believe we all find our own significance in it, I calm down my breathing, relax my body and open my mind to all the Naginata I just did.