ITALY Naginata Tour 2017

6 days of training, 1600 km of travel in total, almost 40 people involved and as many ready to take part to future seminars. That is, in brief, what the first Naginata Tour has been.

Let’s go into more details: Grosseto, Rome, Gaeta, Naples and Salerno were the towns involved. Many absolute beginners took part to the seminars. While in Grosseto and Rome the objective was to help some local practitioner consolidate their knowledge (as in the dojo in Rome), and encourage those who already had some contacts with this martial art (in Grosseto they have started to meet regularly), in Gaeta, Naples and Salerno the objectives were different.


Grosseto: a small group who has started practising on a regular basis.

Rome: a few people joined the group of local practicioners, and more people are ready to join new events. Moreover, we found a new dojo to train in.

Gaeta: I led a seminar here in November 2014. I needed to revive the interest, and I think I have been successful in this. A small group here as well.

Naples: I came to this new terrain to answer the requests of two different groups: a group of kendokas, and a society involved in different disciplines, attracted by naginata. I would say the target has been hit, as, during the dinner following the practice, I have been asked for monthly seminars.

Salerno: in Salerno the background is different, since this is one of the places were Naginata initially started in Italy. Although I knew that, I still accepted to go and in fact I found a group of total beginners. Only one former practitioner came to the seminar, but he couldn’t remember almost anything. The fact is that a group of practice will start in Salerno as well.

Putting aside the contentment for the work done, we have to be realistic. By the number of new subscription we will see if the intentions were real. For sure I can say the system of a Naginata Tour is successful. It is a big commitment in terms of time and money, but my intention is to repeat it in other regions.

This is, in brief, what happened. I found enthusiasts and people willing to continue on this road. But we have to wait to see if there will be concrete results. Physical efforts and time were well spent.

See you at the next Naginata Tour!

Naginata on the road

Stefano Nyoho Carlini