Belgian Championship

On Saturday the 25th of November, the Belgian Naginata Federation organized their national championship. Even if the federation is small, it is always a great moment to share our technical skills. It was a long time since we didn’t organize this but it is a mistake not to do it as everybody enjoy such moment. We had an engi tournament for the kyu, a shiai kyu and dan tournament. After that day we all
celebrate with a nice dinner and drink.  Here are the results:


  • 1st : Miguel – Armen
  • 2nd :Tim – Léon
  • 3rd: Sacha – François


  • 1st :  Gaëlle Hau
  • 2nd : Armen Ter Stepanian
  • 3rd:  Miguel Peters


  • 1st : Tyl Dermine
  • 2nd : François Dermine
  • 3rd:  David D’hose