french championship 2016 results

The city of Bouscat, in the Bordeaux suburbs and specifically the US welcomed Bouscat Naginata. This year the  kyu championship, feminine and masculine, these competitions in individual combat reserved to kyusha and the various championships in France. Individual battle there is a youth category and the adult male and female adult categories. The latter are reserved to yudansha and semifinalists of kyu Criterium. The championship of France by team completed this weekend and that’s a total of about fifty naginataka and eleven teams that clashed over the two days. For kyu Criterium, the first places back to Sabrina Semiao in women and Guillaume Dufeil for male both members of the club ES Blanquefort Budo. Sacha Ramel the US Bouscat won the title for the young.  Regarding France Individual Championships, the women’s title went to Amandine the Babule Taïkocho Naginata Toulouse and the men’s title was won by Loïc Delalande for Sat. It is also the SAM who won the title of champion of France by teams with Jim Karpinski, Jean- Louis Moulin and Loïc Delalande. Thanks to the US Bouscat for the organization of the event, the stewards (Alexis Brown and Marc-Duffau Ebely) and referees (Cécile Hamot Martine Deschamps, Alain Guillaume, Jean-Louis Moulin, Jean-Mathieu Gaffié Loïc Delalande and Dominique Pouchard)

Dominique Pouchard, France, Cnkdr

Kyu Competition 2016

Category « Women »

1st : Sabrina SEMIAO (E.S. Blanquefort Budo)

2nd :   Monica SILVA (Versailles Budo)

3rd : Vanessa ADOTE (Taikocho Naginata Toulouse)

3rd   Stella BELLISARII (Union St Bruno Bordeaux)

Category « Men »

1st : Guillaume DUFEIL (E.S. Blanquefort Budo)

2nd :   Nicolas DOMPNIER (Sanchuu Kase Naginata Grenoble)

3rd : Lionel NICOUD (Union St Bruno Bordeaux)

3rd :   Geoffrey LEGER (E.S. Blanquefort Budo)

Individual Championship 

Category « Women »

1st : Amandine BABULE (Taikocho Naginata Toulouse)

2nd :   Sophie SCHMITZ (U.S. Bouscat Naginata)

3rd: Fanny HAMOT (Maisons Alfort)

3rd :   Sabrina SEMIAO (E.S. Blanquefort Budo)

Category « Men »

1st : Loïc DELALANDE (S.A. Mérignacais)

2nd :   Benoit LAURENCON (ESMR)

3rd : Guillaume DUFEIL (E.S. Blanquefort Budo)

3rd :   Alain Thielen (U.S. Bouscat Naginata)

Team Championship

1st : S.A. Mérignacais ( Jim Karpinski‐Jean‐Louis Moulin‐Loïc Delalande)

2nd :   J.C. Maisons Alfort (Arnault Jollet‐Fanny Hamot‐Julien Block)

3rde :   USMR (Benoit Laurençon‐Loïc Vargoz)   et Naginata Limoges E.C. (Jean Mathieu Gaffié‐Gauthier Fabry‐Guillaume Simon‐Irène Simon)

Fighting spirit : Vanessa ADOTE (Taikocho Naginata Toulouse) et Lionel NICOUD (Union St Bruno Bordeaux)