Swedish Naginata Championship 2016

May 28, the Swedish Naginata Championship was held in Uppsala. The contestants represented FSKA (Association Stockholm Kendo Alliance) and KFUM Uppsala Naginata in both engi and shiai.

This year, the engi tournament consisted of four teams where Ellen Andersson and Sophia Judkins from KFUM Uppsala Naginata achieved first place. Maria Carlson and Elin Sandqvist, also from KFUM Uppsala Naginata, came in second, and the competing debutants Dmytro Ivanov and Liudmyla Shalabai from FSKA achieved third place. In fourth place came Tobias Hedblom and Philip Mattsson.

In individual mixed shiai there were five contestants. Gitta Wilén from FSKA, Philip Mattson, Elin Sandqvist, Sophia Judkins and Ellen Andersson – who all represented KFUM Uppsala Naginata. Sophia Judkins managed to fight her way to a third place, and the final fight was between Philip Mattson and Elin Sandqvist. The fight ended 2-0 to Sandqvist who achieved the gold, and Philip Mattson achieved the silver.




1st place: Ellen Andersson and Sophia Judkins (KFUM Uppsala Naginata)

2nd place: Maria Carlson and Elin Sandqvist (KFUM Uppsala Naginata)

3rd place: Dmytro Ivanov and Liudmyla Shalabai (FSKA)


1st place: Elin Sandqvist

2nd place: Philip Mattson

3rd place: Sophia Judkins


text & photos by Swedish Kendo federation