It is not always easy to find a way to spread naginata in our modern world. In Japan it is part of their culture and history, and even regularly part of their sports opportunity. But here it is completely different. How do we spread naginata. Some believe that the only way is to invite people at martial art demonstrations or naginata events. Others believe that any opportunities are good to spread naginata as long as you show a good image of it. I think that, as long as almost nobody knows naginata, whenever you have a chance to demonstrate it, it’s good for de development of naginata and even if your technique is not good the people who look what you show, he will have a chance to improve afterward, but of course, this is my point of vue (your ENF president ).

Following this idea, the Belgian group has been doing demonstrations this weekend as every year at the Made in Asia event. It is a huge costplay, video games and whatever you can imagine THING…  where Pikachu is meeting bonsai and Sangoku is greeting kendo. So what we are looking here is for numbers !!! There are thousands of people walking around all over the day and it is such a huge opportunity to, just show naginata to people who might be discovering it. And believe it or not, it works !!!

Every years, one, two or even three people starts naginata in our group from that demonstration. Every year we wonder if it worth it, as there are so many weird things over there, and I know, Germany, France and other place in Europe have the same kind of events. Why not? If it helps naginata to be spread.

David D’hose