February Newsletter


Words from President

Winter is a bit long and cold for everyone and cold, so don’t forget to warm up ! But February is already here and spring is not far with all the events of Naginata in Europe and even outside Europe. This year will be as bright as last one for sure. Do. Not forget to send us your event schedule and your beautiful stories for our newsletter as I believe we can still improve communication in ENF.
Enjoy pancakes and carnival this month.

Technical Tips

Never forget these three important psychological timing in fighting:
1 : ” Sensen no sen” : refers to having the keen insight to quickly sense the opponent’s start, and then taking the initiative and striking first.
2 : ” Sen” : refers to the situation in which the opponent perceives an opening and initiates attack, but you nip it in the bud and strike before their attack is successful.
3: ” Go no Sen”: refers to the timing in which the opponent has made a full attack but you are able to destroy their initiative by parrying and counter attacking when their wasa is coming to completion.
(From” Naginata, History and Practice” by Alex Bennett)