Seminar in St. Petersburg

At the end of August, the 4th Seminar was held in St. Petersburg under direction of Sumi Kaoru sensei, naginata hanshi.
This year, our seminar was attended by naginataka from Russia, Germany, Finland and Hungary. In good faith, the General Consul of Japan in St. Petersburg, Mr. Fukushima, participated in the opening ceremony.

We asked sensei  to pay a lot of attention to the basic techniques, tai sabaki and shikake-ooji. To train not so monotonously, Sumi sensei showed us some fun exercises for warm-up. And it was really fun!

But, nevertheless, the main slogan was “Kihon, kihon and   kihon again” and we trained hard and tried use the opportunity to improve our technique under supervising of our teacher.

When it was time for lunch, Sumi Sensei made a tea ceremony for us. She called it a “tea ceremony in a family style.” She was right. This ceremony really allowed us to feel like a big (ok, not so big) and nice naginata family.

Since the naginata group in Russia is still too young, each seminar has something special. We can say that this year we had the first official seminar of our domectic naginata association. Also the first grading for naginata in Russia was held. I would like to express my gratitude to the ENF and David D’Hose for support, to Deutscher Naginata Bund for cooperation. And many thanks to Sumi Kaoru sensei, our Chief examiner and S. Pawlitke (naginata 2 dan, Germany), examiner. I’m so proud by this and happy to congratulate all candidates, who were successful  I. Sharov (Russia) – 4 kyu, O. Osokina ( Russia) – 5 kyu, K. Markov ( Russia) – 5 kyu. S. Makila (Finland) – 5 kyu.

After official part of the seminar we had two trainings for tendo ryu naginata and  practice with bogu.

Unfortunately, the seminar quickly came to an end. But we are already waiting for Sumi Kaoru sensei next August. And of course we will be glad to see our friends in St. Petersburg.