ENF Seminar in Rotterdam:

Last 11th and 12th of November, as every year, ENF have organized a seminar for all it’s members. This time it was host by our friend from Netherlands in the modern city of Rotterdam. Nakadan Sensei and Masuda Sensei from AJNF were invited to make this little weekend a moment full of intense learning in a friendship atmosphere. As you came in number from Czech Republic, Finland, France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Sweden and of course Netherlands, the help of Mark Berghaan sensei was helpfull to complete our two Japanese sensei. Nakadan sensei who came in 2002 as shinpan at the ENC in Paris was really happy to see people again after 15 years. And Masuda sensei
congrtulate the really nice level of the group she took care of during these 2 days. Everybody had a chance to eat weird food from all kind at the sayonara party and we all enjoy meeting new friends from all over ENF countries sharing the same passion for naginata.

At the end of the seminar and the grading examination, it was hard to say goodbye, but we were happy to know that soon we would see each other again for the European Championship in France in 2018 or even before.