7th World Championship 2019

The German Federation (Dnagb) have organized in July 2019 the 7th World Naginata Championship in Wiesbaden. It was the most important world championship that INF had since the first one in 1995. All the members participate to the championship: 13 INF members and for the first time the INF add a Zen Nihon kata category which was really interesting.

The sport center in Wiesbaden was just big enough for the different tournaments that were split in 2 days with the all the categories including the goodwill. For the first time de federations from Taiwan and Israel were able to participate. Canada and Belgium did a very nice performance but as usual, Japan won most of the prices. At the very end we had also a very nice performance of rhytmical naginata from Italy, USA and Japan.



1. A. Ajiki , M. Inoue (Japan)

2. S. Kanaoka, C. Hayashida (Japan)

3. C. Coppeans, B. Harrop (USA)

 Zen Nihon Renmei no Kata

1. I. Itagaki, H. Kato (Japan)

2. T. Dermine, F. Dermine (Belgium)

3. J. Hernandez, S. Lew (USA)


 Shiai Team Women

1. Japan

2. Canada

3. Belgium

 Shiai Team Men

1. Japan

2. Netherlands

3. Belgium


 Shiai Individual Women

1. A. Ajiki (Japan)

2. S. Haruyama (Japan)

3. C. Hayashida (Japan)

 Shiai Individual Men

1. Y. Masuda (Japan)

2. M. Masuda (Japan)

3. T. Fujita (Japan)

The seminar was harder to fit in the entire sport center as there was even more people coming to it. But everybody enjoy these two days and celebrate the sayonara  party while singing and dancing.