NNR Spring Seminar 2019

During the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of March 2019 there was the annual NNR Spring seminar.

This time it was hosted in the Erasmus University Sports Center in Rotterdam.
For this seminar the Nederlandse Naginata Renmei had invited Ono Sensei from Osaka, Japan.
Ono Sensei was the All Japan Naginata Federation coach for the Japanese National team during the World Championships in Japan.

The seminar went deep into kihon after which the focus shifted to shiai so everyone could prepare for the upcoming World Championships in Mainz, Germany Later this year.

During the shiai practice there was focus on Mitsu no Sen:

  1 : ” Sensen no sen” : refers to having the keen insight to quickly sense the opponent’s start, and then taking the initiative and striking first.

2 : ” Sen” : refers to the situation in which the opponent perceives an opening and initiates attack, but you nip it in the bud and strike before their attack is successful.

3: ” Go no Sen”: refers to the timing in which the opponent has made a full attack but you are able to destroy their initiative by parrying and counter attacking when their waza is coming to completion.

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