2020 Tokunaga cup in Paris

On February 8th and 9th France organized the Tokunaga Cup, the Jacques Mercier Cup and the Simone Charton Cup. As every year these events were open to all but this time France decided to change the rules of the Tokunaga Cup by creating two separate categories: men and women. Thus there were two Tokunaga cups for one trophy which was a good decision because most of the competitions are no longer mixed. And here are the results:

Tokunaga cup men :

1st Loic Delalande

2nd  Tyl Dermine

3rd Benoit Laurencon & Loic Vargos

Tokunaga cup woman:

1st Carole Veryrunes

2nd  Adeline Gvero

3rd  Regine Bauvecroix & Sylvie Pontonne

The Jacques Mercier Cup, named after a former French professor, is a team competition where teams are built on the same day at random. This creates bonds between the participants.

The next day the Simone Charton cup, named after the sensei who greatly favoured the arrival of the naginata in France and Europe, was organized at the same place. It is one of the rare technical competition organized in Europe accessible to all.

David D.