Ikeshima fund

In the minutes of the INF General Assembly of 2019 the following was written:

“JPN representatives reminds that the AJNF has a fund (Ikeshima Fund) that allows them to send abroad, every year, two Sensei in two different countries. If an affiliate country wants to benefit from the Ikeshima Fund, it needs to contact Japan about it before December of the year before.

The Ikeshima Fund will continue for 6 more years.”.

What does this mean?

It means that for the next few years there is a fund that pays for Japanese Sensei to travel around the world to instruct at local seminars. Any federation/country can send a request before December for Sensei to come in the next year.

At the INF meeting it was mentioned that the request can be sent to INF. AJNF will then review all requests that came in and make a decision where to send the Sensei.

You may wonder, why does ENF not send a request for these Sensei to come to the ENF Seminar?

The rules of the Ikeshima fund only provide for a seminar that is for a local federation. The seminar is meant for the members of the hosting federation. Any other participants are not allowed. This makes international seminars like the ENF seminar unable to match with the criteria of the fund. Therefor it is recommended that a federation wanting to host a local seminar for their own members sends in the request before December so that next year there might be a seminar with Sensei provided by the Ikeshima fund.

In 2019 Czech republic organized a seminar using this fund, so Shimana and Nakadan sensei came but nobody else than the Gorenkai members could participate.

TIP: Provide some optional dates and a location for the seminar to the request, so that a decision is easier to make.