The seminar at the gate of the desert.

It was the second time that the ISRNF invited me, David D’hose to train them, and, once again, I was amazed by what I have discovered there. Beside the beauty of the country that luckily this time I had a chance to see a little more. It is really fantastic to see all the progress the group that Gur sensei lead have made in one year.

From 5 years old to the dynamic Nico, which I don’t know how old he is, everybody have apply the little advice they have received from me last year. Well, some are new, so, it is not totally true, but anyway, I was able to see that this Federation was evolving brightly. And beside, I don’t know any other place outside Japan, where one guy have start so young to devote his entire life to naginata. This Federation is young, for sure but it is growing nicely.

We had five days of seminar under the temparture that only people from Okinawa would accept to deal with. This year we focused on technical aspect in order to help Nico and Ben that are the oldest one to be able to deal with their future groups of student, and the youngest to improve in what they have already learned till now. It is not always easy for young student to find interest in deep technical aspect so you need them to switch fast from one exercice to another or turn to a bogu practice where they will have more fun.

For the yongest as for the warm up Gur and I invent games with tennis ball and naginata or some war games with soft naginata. They loved it so much that it was sometimes difficult to end the warm up. The two first day were devoted on technical aspect so that the third one we could held a kyu examination. After that we prepare the national tournament with a shinpan training. And the fourth day was the national tournament.


It was such an example for all the ENF members to be able to organize a tournament with Engi, individual and team part. Of course there is still to improve, but they have start something ! I believe that all our country members sould have their national taikai once a year with their own possibility. Think of what Israel have : 3 adults, around 4 or 5 young ones over 15 and the rest of the childern are under and me …. This was it !!!!  

I explain them the basics of a few things, but they already knew alot (thanks Alex!) and we had a great tournament that makes everybody happy. Nothing broke, no injuries ! Just look at the pictures and the results :


1st Place:Netta Sheinkman, Tom Kirkpatrick (Jerusalem)

2nd Place:Nikita Berkovich, Hirsh Salitan (Kfar Eldad)

3rd Place: Yosef Rubin, Moshe Baruch Salitan (Kfar Eldad)


SHIAI KIDS (age 7-10)

1st Place: Hirsh Salitan (Kfar Eldad)

2nd Place: Assaf Yerihover (Petah Tikva)

3rd Place: Roi Nevo (Kfar Eldad)



  • 1st Place: Nikita Berkovich (Kfar Eldad)
  • 2nd Place:Moshe Baruch Salitan (Kfar Eldad)
  • 3rd Place: Avihai Arnon (Jerusalem)



  • 1st Place: Yosef Rubin (Kfar Eldad)
  • 2nd Place: Ben Sacks (Jerusalem)
  • 3rd Place: Netta Sheinkman (Jerusalem)



  • 1st Place: JERUSALEM (Avihai Arnon, Netta Sheinkman, Ben Sacks)
  • 2nd Place: KFAR ELDAD (Hirsh Salitan, Nikita Berkovich, Yosef Rubin)
  • 3rd Place: PETAH TIKVA (Assaf Yerihover, Imri Neeman, Nico Takeda Weinberger)

The last day was devoted to bogu practice, we had fun with kendo guys and than enjoyed bogu all together.

We were all sad that the seminar ends and I was certainly sad to leave that amazing place with so many great people. I wich you will one day have a chance to meet them.

And believe me, you’d better train, the next ENF Champion might come from Israel;)