I wanted to write this little note in order to try to clarify the vision we have about Naginata’s Federations as you are actually part of one. Let’s start with ENF, European Naginata Federation, you will find its statutes here. The ENF regroup actually 12 members and promote Atarashii Naginata in Europe and by extension Africa. The ENF have a board and organize one main event every year regrouping its members; a seminar or a championship during when they organize a General Assembly for decisions. ENF is representing this part of the world or “zone” to another Federation; the INF ( ) or International Naginata Federation, you will find its statutes here. The INF regroups actually 16 members and promote Atarashii Naginata around the world. The INF have a board with one main difference compare to ENF; it has Zone Directors that represents the 4 Zones of the world:

  • Asia: Mrs Imaura and Mr Hisamitsu
  • Europe- Africa: ENF President – Mr D’hose
  • Pan America: Mrs Schmucker
  • Oceania : Mrs Derrett

Beside their active role in the board of INF, Zone directors will be the members who will present the activities of the world to INF board and new potential members. INF is organizing one seminar every year and one world championship every 4 years.

Here over you can see the structure of the INF

Actual  Members :

As long as Naginata is coming from Japan it sounds clear that AJNF or All Japan Naginata Federation is an important Federation to all of us. You can find its statutes here. Whenever we all want to learn more about Naginata we think of Japan. But we cannot go in a dojo without request and the official way would require you to go through ENF – INF – AJNF. To make it clear: INF is making a request to AJNF for the ENF that will than give you the place where you can go. If you are invited on a personal matter, than just make sure your sensei is aware the place you’re going.

Japanese Atarashii Naginata is certainly divided in two big parts: young people that practice during their studies and then stop when they finish studies as they are woman, and unfortunately have a family life that doesn’t allow such kind of activities and another side of older persons more passionate that is smaller. This has an influence on the structure of the AJNF. Actually the AJNF have 48 Members : one for each Japanese prefecture (47) and one for all the Japanese students J

The actual board is:

The biggest Federation beside ENF, INF and AJNF is certainly USNF ( or the United States Naginata Federation that regroup all the federations of America, you will find it’s statutes here. Beside it’s annual championship and seminar, the different federations in US organizes their own local championship and/or seminar like in Europe but on a different scale and sometimes with link with the Canadian Federation.

The actual board is:

  • President: Mr Engalla
  • Vice President: Mrs Mikumi
  • Executive Secretary: Mr Djinn                 
  • Treasurer: Mrs Tanner
  • Recording Secretary:  Mr Cochado

Actual Members:

  • ECNF : East Coast Naginata Federation
  • GNYNF : Greater New York Naginata Federation
  • NCNF :  Northern Californian Naginata Federation
  • PNNF : Pacific Northwest Naginata Federation
  • RMNF : Rocky Mountains Naginata Federation
  • SCNF : Southern Naginata Federation

Hope this have gave you a small overview…