Happy New Year 2020 European Naginata

We just had another impressive year full of great events with an amazing World Championship organized by Germany and a great European seminar in Portugal. I am sure that you’re looking forward to meet again for these two events that will take place once more in Europe in 2020. Italy will welcome the INF seminar and Sweden the European championship.

We have gone through a few years of financial instability which we are trying to clarify in the most transparent way possible thanks to the work of our treasurer. Please help him to do this so that the future will be clearer for everyone.
We are sorry to announce the suspention of Ukrainian member from ENF as a result of many discussions which you will find in the different minutes.

Naginata is growing slowly but surely in Europe as most of us are passionate and share their passion. The ENF board believe that sharing through a federation is the best way to share this passion in a good way, we spend a lot of time  to organize it. I think we are here also to spread information throughout the Federation, so I have decide to restart the Newsletter in a regular way. Do not hesitate so send the data of your event so that we can spread them.

ENF President