From Italy: Naginata on the road

20-21 may in Turin, Cik naginata seminar with Sumi Kaoru Hanshi.

It has been two full days of contents, resolution and passion for Naginata discipline. No one as pulled back during practice, and Sumi sensei, Hanshi leads us with a watchful eye. She never missed a detail, an advice, a technical explanation, and her energy has infected us! Kihon, shikake waza, odji waza, shikage odji, geiko, and (for high degree) federal kata and Tendo Ryu kata: We have worked on the whole technical program with comitment and enthusiasm. Sumi sensei, Hanshi in her bogu is lethal, and working with her is nice, educational and entertaining; because to practice with the smile in her heart, attention to his gestures and the energy that the big Teacher transmit, does not make you feel neither tired, or time to long. Sumi sensei  kindly responded to our requests for explanation, showing in detail wath was required. She pointed ashi sabaki, teno uchi, and the body movement in shikage odji. In bogu we worked on uchikaeshi, on uke waza, on harai waza, on renraku waza and more. Great work in jigeiko, and Ive seen the KiKenTai in person!!

What to say: A gentlewoman in armor, a noble warrior conducted the seminar with all enthusiastic participant! Italians, British, Russians, Belgians and French they have bowed to Sumi Kaoru Hanshi. And not missed the convivial moments!

The two days have flown…I miss Sumi Hanshi, i miss naginata people…

Next time and always naginata on the road

Stefano Carlini