French Naginata Championship 2017 and Kyu Tournament 2017

On May the 13th and the 14th 2017, the French Championship was once more organized in Bordeaux.

Around 30 fighters come there to demonstrate their fighting abilities. Shinpan had to judje more than 85 shiai in two days.
Beautifull fight were performed with a great ability, determination and an excellent spirit in order to reach the top of the podiumWoman Kyu tournament:

1- Monica Da Silva
2- Vanessa Adote
3- Célia Lorente
3- Aurélie Pernias

Man Kyu tournament:

1- Guillaume Gobaille
2- Julien Bloch
3- Lionel Nicoud
3- Geoffrey Leger

French Naginata Championship 2017

Woman shiai results:

1- Fanny Hamot
2- Sophie Schmitz
3- Amandine Babule et Sabrina Semiao

Man shiai results:

1- Loïc Delalande
2- Guillaume Dufeil
3- Benoît Laurençon
3- Jean-Mathieu Gaffié

Team results:

1- Loïc Delalande/Jean-Louis Moulin/Eric Barbier/Guillaume Gobaille
2- Benoît Laurençon/Loïc Vargoz/
3- Arnault Jollet/Fanny Hamot/Julien Bloch
3- Mathis Maresca/Sabrina Semiao/Geoffrey Léger

Congratulations everyone, to overcome always in the respect of your opponent and  abnegation

Loïc Delalande (translation David D’hose)