2015 All Japan Naginata Championship

15th All Japan Men Naginata Championship

[This year, the japan man level seems to get stronger with the appearance of young and gift players. Tanaka Kōsuke still got his fighting skills, but he did not find the way to win against the young and muscular Masuda Masato in this year final match.

All Japan Men Naginata Championship results

  • Winner: MASUDA Masato (Hyōgo)
  • 2nd place: TANAKA Kōsuke (Mie)
  • 3rd place: SAHASHI Satsuki (Aichi)

This year’s champion, Yamoto Chiyo, is well famous in Japan for winning several times the Kokutai or the Todôfuken championships in engi and team shiai categories. By scoring several strong ippon during her matches, it seems she got the assurance needed to win by hantei her match against the past year champion Tanaka Chikage in semifinal, and her final match against the 4rd time champion Ajiki Ai.

All Japan Naginata Championship results

  • Winner: YAMAMOTO Chiyo (Wakayama)
  • 2nd place: AJIKI Ai (Shimane)
  • 3rd place: KŌYAMA Saki (Kumamoto)