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Since its foundation in 2003, the German Naginata Federation has experienced a steady development. Already in 2005 a German team participated for the first time in a Naginata European Championship in the course of the admission to the European Naginata Federation and this with success: A third place in the Engi category went to Germany at that time. And only a short time later the first DNagB fighters, now fresh members of the International Naginata Federation, started at the 4th World Championship in 2007. Since then the German Naginataka have been an integral part of international tournaments.
At each subsequent Naginata World Cup and Naginata European Championship, DNagB members were also present as the national team on the fighting grounds and increasingly asserted themselves in the fight for the coveted winner’s podium places. After many “foreign assignments”, DNagB finally hosted a European Championship for the first time in 2010. In Mainz-Laubenheim, over 100 participants from all over Europe came together for a weekend full of Naginata. Afterwards the DNagB team went to Japan in 2011 for the 5th Naginata World Championship.