Swedish Championship 2023

bys Sophia Judkins

Stockholm hosted the Swedish naginata championship April 1st in Sundbyberg this year.

The two naginata clubs, FSKA and KFUM Uppsala Naginata, were represented. It was a delight to see more competitors participate this year compared to the past year when several people had to cancel because of Covid-19. This year’s championship also had a bigger audience enjoying the engi-kyogi and shiai.

The chairman of the Swedish Kendo Federation, Jimmy Thorsell, was a guest of honour at the championship, and we were delighted to have him there. Head shinpan Jakob Ryngen expressed pride over the improvement of the naginata technique in both engi and shiai, and is looking forward to Swedish naginata developing further. Let’s practice hard together in the future!


Engi1st place: Philippa Odenbring and Philip Mattsson, KFUM Uppsala Naginata2nd place: Tulla Hagström and Ayumi Suzuki, FSKA3rd place: Sayaka Suzuki and Naz Toygar, FSKA

1st place: Sophia Judkins, KFUM Uppsala Naginata
2nd place: Ayumi Suzuki, FSKA
3rd place: Philip Mattsson, KFUM Uppsala Naginata