Small samurai will become great

It is in Nanterre that was held the weekend of January 21 and 22 the different tournaments of the Tokunaga, Jacques Mercier and Simone Charton Cups.

A little more than 30 people participated in the different Shiai and Technical competitions. In addition to the French participants, there were fighters from Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

Of course it was a beautiful moment of naginata and we congratulate the winners of these tournaments but we especially wanted to underline the homage which was paid to a man who was always there for the French naginata and for whom his students and friends celebrated the 40 years of practice.

Alain Guillaume began the naginata under the teaching of Simone Charton at the NIDF club, the first official club of Naginata affiliated to the FFJDA (French Federation of Judo and Associated Disciplines).

Created in 1981, NIDF was the precursor of the development of clubs in France.

Alain has been a member of this club since 1981, 2nd Dan since 1988 and federal teacher since 1987.

In 1984, he joined the French team, in which he remained for about ten years.

In 1990, he won the 1st place at the Tokunaga cup, as well as the French championships, but also a place on the podium as a team at the first international meeting in Japan.

His career was punctuated by victories, both at the world level (3rd place in the team competition at the World Championships in San Jose) and at the European level, in both individual and team competition.

In 1993, the French Federation of Judo and associated disciplines awarded him the bronze medal for services rendered to the cause of the FFJDA.

In 1999, he obtained his 4th Dan.

In 2001, he obtained his federal teaching certificate of Naginata.

In 2006, he obtained the bronze medal of the youth and sports, and the diploma of silver palms by the FFJDA.

After the closure of the NIDF dojo, he joins the Naginata club of Maison-Alfort (JCMA) and joins Cécile Hamot sensei as a teacher.

He then became the trainer of the French team for about fifteen years, and led his team to the podium several times at the world and European level.

Acknowledging his investment, and wanting to show sympathy towards him, the students of his club JCMA, as well as his long-time Naginata partners, offer him at the beginning of this year, on the occasion of the Simone Charton cup and his 40 years of practice, a replica of Oda Nobunaga’s helmet (lord with an imposing moustache and nicknamed “Demon King”) in order to thank him for his kindness, his joviality, and his commitment in his club.

Alain Guillaume is a model for the French Naginata, considering his prize list, his investment and his passion for this discipline.