Naginata in Москва

by Daria Litunenko,

On the last weekend of August, a traditional naginata seminar was held in Moscow, organized
by the kendo and naginata club Kaminarikan.
I think I will not surprise anyone with the fact that this seminar was dedicated to preparing for
participation in the upcoming European Championship. We discussed the etiquette for engi,
how to behave in shiai. Of course, the main focus was on Shikake-Oji and the practice of kihon.
Practitioners from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Astana (Kazakhstan) took part in the seminar.

Circumstances developed in such a way that some of the members of our association moved to
this neighboring state. Of course, this is very sad for us. But, on the other hand, martial arts
lovers in Kazakhstan have a good opportunity to learn naginata not only from YouTube videos.
It was very nice that our longtime friend and teacher Katie Rosh-sensei (5th dan, GNYNF, USA)
found the opportunity to join the broadcast and give us some important advice.

So, we can say that our seminar was held at the international level.
We look forward to seeing you all in September! See you soon.