My everywhere dojo

by Emmanuel Dayre, picture selected by David D’hose from INF 1995 program

When the air we were used to
Got so deadly tough and rough
There was no place but a few
Where we didn’t fear to cough

So they locked us down
So scared we’d blow
They closed us down
And so was my dojo

I tried to reach my wooded ground
But they kept my past time away
So I thought and looked around
To live budo another way

As the rule set social distance
I felt a space between them and I
As I used to do when I got to fence
Fearless I was with uchi mai

Our hands came unwelcome
Carrying this thing evilly made
I learnt to survive touching no one
Like I did with a naginata blade

I walked my way on empty places
Where locked people had thrown their key
Streets were mine to take a chance
To freely train tai sabaki

My dojo was everywhere
And so Covid gave it a try
To strike me down right there
Shamely on a unfair shiai

I never stopped practicing
I always wore my bogu
Like a strong spirit protecting
From Viruses and foreign flew

My dojo is now everywhere
Bringing with me its energy
Like a vaccine to spare
Life threats before me