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It is in 1973 that Naginata appeared in France, the first country which practises and develops Naginata in Europe.
Indeed, after a month of initiation in Japan, Mrs Simone CHARTON was a pioneer by returning to France with the intention to share this new discipline of Budo. From that date, she started to take part in the adventure and began to teach Naginata in a kendo club which opened its doors to her. She created her first club in 1981, Naginata Ile de France, which is still active today. Since then, she has never stopped travelling throughout France and Europe with soul and passion, always disinterested, with the sole aim of developing Naginata. She found support in France from the French Federation of Judo and Associated Disciplines, the FFJDA, by joining the National Kendo Committee (CNK) in 1974 and by relying on the guidelines of kendo for the organization of events which she never ceased to implement. She also found support very early on in the presence of Mr. KONDO, who strongly helped her in France-Japan relations and gave her unfailing support throughout her years. The Japanese Federation regularly delegates senseis to support Madame Charton in her epic.

The French Federation of Naginata is still today the biggest in Europe.