Inazuma-Tournament 2023

by Martin
In which cases is a hit a valid point? How should I move in- and outside the shiaijo as a referee? How to handle the flags? These were just some of the many questions that Naginataka in Germany recently racked their brains over. December 23rd they came together at the Inazuma seminar and
tournament. For those who are not yet familiar with it: the Inazuma Tournament was launched by the PSV Mainz dojo and is aimed at naginataka with little competitive experience.

As such, it is meant to be a platform to enter tournament life. The special thing about it: This applies not only to the fighters, but also to the referees.

Unfortunately, the Inazuma had to take a break in recent years, but thanks to the support of the naginata group in Ingelheim, it has now been able to pick up speed again. Together, the Mainz and Ingelheim groups organized a great weekend: It started on Saturday with two distinct seminars: one group focused on how to move smoothly – and then practiced exactly that with various naginata techniques. The second group got a theoretical and practical impression of how difficult it
actually is to be a referee – but also how much fun it can be.

On Sunday, the lessons of the day before were put to the test in the shiaijo and with the referee flags. It was a great tournament in which everyone gave their best and for which everyone can be proud of themselves – regardless of whether they won or not. Thank you so much for each and everyone who made that possible!


Have a good start into 2024 and see you soon!