Hot hearts in the Winter City

Naginata in Estonia is gaining momentum. We are very pleased and proud to announce that we are finishing this year with dignity.

On December 17th and 18th our Christmas Naginata seminar was held in Tallinn under the guidance of the great David D’hose sensei, Kirsi Höglund sensei and Sophia Judkins!

In addition to students from Estonia, our comrades-in-arms from Finland also took part in the seminar. Together with adults, two teenagers also trained on an equal footing. At the seminar, we repeated basic techniques, advanced techniques in bogu, passed exams, and also held two types of competitions: engi and shiai. As You can see, we had a very rich programm! Despite this, at the end of the second day, many of us thought that two days of the seminar was not enough and that it would be nice to train like that together for a couple more days!

We also found time for communication in our free time, dined in cozy restaurants, took several walks around the Old Tallinn.  One of the legends says that the name of the Tallinn comes from the words  in estonian „Talve Linn“ , which means „Winter City“. And it really true! Just a few days before the start of the seminar, Tallinn was caught in a storm and was literally littered with snow. It was very nice and little bit cold. But after our seminar, when so many motivated naginata athletes gathered together, our hot hearts even melted the snow! Now the weather is warm again in Tallinn ?

Estonian Naginata students Wish You happy and active 2023 naginata year! See You soon!!