Happy New Year, 2019

Dear Naginata Friends,
What a wonderful year we just had! It was full of naginata events for all of us, but, the most amazing one was clearly the European Championship in Bordeaux, for which I would like to thank again the French Federation, and especially Mr Pouchard who was deeply involved in it’s organization. It is always exceptional to have our members sharing and competing in one place. We have learned of the good and the bad moment of this event and will make sure next one will be even better.
I am also proud to announce that a new member joined ENF this year. The fact that the Inter Regional Naginata Association of Russia entered our Federation is an excellent news. Congratulation to Mrs Litunenko who was deeply involved in this. 
Finally, it is a pleasure to have a new ENF board with a treasurer and a general secretary, who both; Mr Eduardo Brito and Gur Nedzvetsky will clearly make our Federation stronger and more dynamic with their work and ideas.
I wish you all a happy new year 2019 in the name of our board and hope to see you in Germany for the world championship and in Portugal for our next Seminar.

David D’hose
ENF President

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