DnagB Championship​ 2017

​On Sunday 24th of September, as everybody was voting in their country, the German Naginata Federation organised their annual Championship​. David D’hose, Mark Berghaan, Laurence Dumonceau and Joren Zanstra came to assist as shinpan.

Participants came from all the clubs of the Federation and it was fabulous to see how the level increase since the year before.
The logistic was perfect, as usual with members of DnagB, and we were really happy to see new comers.
Here are the official results:

1. Michael Grunow & Cornelia Izquierdo-Barea (Polizeisportverein Mainz & Postsportverein Opladen)
2. Julia Finger & Nora Katzwinkel (Kenshinkai Berlin)
3. Ines Klose & Martin Röthig (Polizeisportverein Mainz)

1. Robert Starck (Polizeisportverein Mainz)
2. Andreas Nicol (Postsportverein Opladen)
3. Michael Grunow (Polizeisportverein Mainz)

Fighting Spirit: Cornelia Izquierdo-Barea (Postsportverein Opladen)